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right click on JTable problem

Posted by External 64 days ago General — I observed one thing about my right click on the JTable.If I right click on a row. it shows my popUpMenu item.But now if I right click on another row, I must right click 2 times on the other row before my Jpopup appears.Is that any way to make it ... Read More
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Ant cobertura build.xml for coverage

Posted by External 69 days ago General — My build.xml can run junitTest well but when I tried to build with cobertura instrument, JunitTest failed, Why? ====== run target instrument ==== Read More
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Show a message while a method is running

Posted by External 69 days ago General — I have a button with action listener. When action is performed I call a method to show a label with my message using: Actionperformed(){ ShowMessage(); PerformAction(); } NOTE: This code is just an example.The problem is the message never shows even though the action is performed.Any help will be appreciated. ... Read More
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Java run windows system command and get result

Posted by External 70 days ago General — Runtime r = Runtime.getRuntime();Process pr = r.exec(cmdString) I can get the prompt result when I try "cmd /c type", however, when the size of file is larger the command will hang and no output I could get and no exception occurred.Is there any limitation for java to cache the ... Read More
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Record a video in java

Posted by External 73 days ago General — Hello friends,I want to develop a video conferencing project in java.For that i have spent some time to try recording video in java.But i finally thought to get some help.I have tried using JMF.My system OS is Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit.Any Knowledge would be helpful.Regards. Read More
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No qualifying bean of type [org.springframework.jdbc.core.JdbcTemplate]

Posted by External 74 days ago General — Hi Everyone,I know this such Exception is not strange while doing J2EE, but I cant figure out how my app going wrong at this step. My Code is quite long, so I will post only what I think is relevant. For the full source code, please go to: note ... Read More
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Java 8 cant do MS Access anymore?

Posted by External 75 days ago General — I hear that the new version of Java, Java 8, does not support a way to connect to MS Access database... I have a rather big problem in this case as I created all my databases with access (And im not porting them to SQL). I wanted to update my ... Read More
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i need help on where i can download a javax.speech.*?

Posted by External 78 days ago General — hi!!.. my name is nathani am trying to davelop voice to text java application i am required to use javax.speech package and i cant find it on my java packages. if any body knows where i can dowmload it please help!! Read More
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