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How Dependency Injection (DI) Works In Spring Java Application Development

Posted by admin 1 hour 48 minutes ago General — This article explains the concept of Dependency Injection (DI) and how it works in Spring Java application development. You will learn about the advantages, disadvantages, and basics of DI with examples. Look further for more information.Advantages of Dependency InjectionDI allows a client the flexibility of being configurable. Only client's behavior is fixed. Read More
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Java EE 8, Current Status: Case Study for Completed Work Since Late 2015

Posted by admin 3 days ago General — For anyone who pays close attention to Java EE, it has become clear in the past six months that there has been a decline of activity...especially in those JSRs for which Oracle maintains the lead.  What's the deal?  There has been a lot of conversation in the Java EE community in this regard lately, and I think it is important that the developer community be given a fair timeline of wha Read More
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Akka Notes: Finite State Machines Part 2

Posted by admin 4 days ago General — In the first part of notes on Akka FSM, we saw the basics of Akka FSM and the outline of the Coffee vending machine that we planned to build - the structure of the Actor and a list of messages we pass to the Actor. In this second and final part, we will go ahead and implement each of these States.RecapAs a quick recap, let's look at the structure of the FSM and the messages that can be Read More
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15 signs you’re doing agile wrong

Posted by admin 4 days ago General — It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon and end up in a ditch. Nowhere is this maxim more evident than in agile development. Plenty of organizations jump into agile in pursuit of its advantages -- ease of embracing change, decreased cycle times, evolutionary architecture, and so on -- only to find their best agile practitioners leaving the company, and the uneasy remainder unable to fix a development p Read More
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55% off Rugged Geek Portable Power Supply and Vehicle Jump Starter - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 5 days ago General — Here we have a good candidate for this year's Father's Day gift, either for yourself or a dad you know. This handy gadget is a 600A portable power supply capable of charging your laptops, tablets and phones. However, this one can also boost most cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and tractors as well. The Rugged Geek INTELLIBOOST is truly designed for all of the critical batteries in your life. In Read More
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Export to Word DotCMS Plugin

Posted by admin 6 days ago General — Export to Word Plugin for dotCMS allow users to export online content into Word Processing document using Aspose.Words for Java. It dynamically exports the content of the Web page to a Word Processing document and then automatically downloads the file to the disk location selected by the user in just a couple of seconds. The generated Word processing document can then be opened usi Read More
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Lightning fast NoSQL with Spring Data Redis

Posted by admin 6 days ago General — A multi-tiered architecture built on top of Java EE presents a powerful server-side programming solution. As a Java EE developer for many years, I've been mostly satisfied with a three-tiered approach for enterprise development: a JPA/Hibernate persistence layer at the bottom, a Spring or EJB application layer in the middle, and a web tier on top. For more complex use cases I've integrated a wor Read More
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91% off Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: SQL Server Certification Bundle - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 10 days ago General — Qualify for a Database Developer Position with Certified SQL Mastery. Read More
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Google debuts faster, smarter Android Studio IDE

Posted by admin 11 days ago General — Google is offering a preview release of its Android Studio 2.2 IDE, with improvements in areas ranging from testing to build system and layout accommodations.The enhancements focus on three areas: speed, smarts, and platform support, said Google's Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson, Android director of product management.A feature called Espresso test recording makes it easier to conduct tests, automati Read More
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85% off Foundations of Front-End Development Course - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 12 days ago General — This course covers the basic programming concepts and languages required for creating engaging websites from scratch. It's $199 list price has been dramatically discounted to just $29. Read More
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Immutable Data Structures in Java

Posted by admin 13 days ago General — Before we are software developers, we are people – and thus creatures of habits. It’s hard for someone to change one’s own habits, it’s harder for someone to change someone else’s habits – and for some of us, it’s even harder.This, week, during a code review, I stumbled upon this kind of structure: Read More
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