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Java 8: Lambda Functions—Usage and Examples

Posted by admin 1 day 12 hours ago General — One of the major new language features in Java 8 is the lambda function. In fact, it is one of the biggest changes since the Java 1 release. Lambdas are widely used in the programming language world, including the languages that compile to the Java platform. For instance, Groovy compiles to the Java platform and has very good support for lambda functions (also known as closures). O Read More
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21% off LG Nexus 5X Unlocked Smartphone 32GB - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 2 days ago General — Averaging 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 480 people (read reviews), this LG Nexus 5X unlocked, multi-mode phone will work on all US carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, as well as MVNO's (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) and most international carriers. It features Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a fingerprint sensor, new USB Type-C charger, and a powerful camera. Under its Read More
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What's in a Clojure Namespace?

Posted by admin 3 days ago General — Every well-behaved clojure source file starts with a namespace declaration. The ns macro, as we all know, is responsible for declaring the namespace to which the definitions in the rest of the file belong, and generally also includes some requirements and imports and whatnot. But today (at Clojure/West, shoutout!) Stuart Sierra made a passing reference to the internals of nsduring Read More
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6 colleges turning out open source talent

Posted by admin 3 days ago General — Most IT departments have project road maps that will require open-source skills, but finding recent college grads with open source talent can be challenging.Whether your company is planning an open-source-based big data implementation, installing an open-platform file manager, or adopting an open approach to customer relationship management, experts say traditional computer science departments m Read More
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Closure-Based State Explained

Posted by admin 5 days ago General — ProblemWe want to preserve “information hiding” and avoid exposing details of how and where internal state is being held.ContextReflection libraries can bypass “private” and other access controls. This is a good thing in a number of ways, but Reflection libraries also offer opportunities to completely undo the benefit of access controls. Read More
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Closure-based State in F#

Posted by admin 6 days ago General — Being an object/functional hybrid language, F# offers the opportunity to support either a traditional object-field approach to encapsulating state, as well as the more “functional” style of Closure-based State. As such, developers will generally prefer to store state in object/class fields, but there can still be situations where encapsulating the state away from the object as a whole can be pref Read More
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Red Hat ditches effort to port Node.js to Java

Posted by admin 6 days ago General — Sometimes, the best intentions just don't work out.Such is the case with Red Hat-sponsored Nodyn, an open source effort intended to port the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform to the Java Virtual Machine, bringing Java's rich set of tooling to Node. The project is no longer in active development due to an inability to make the popular JavaScript extensions, npm, work with it, said Mícheál Ó Read More
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40 Votes Vote and Kenai Shutting Down: Why?

Posted by admin 7 days ago General — Oracle recently announced that and will be "going dark" one year from now. The brief announcement offers nothing even close to resembling an explanation and is the equivalent of "We've closed our storage facility. Come pick up your stuff!"The second paragraph of the announcement is a particuarly touching send-off for the many years Java devs spent using the sites — I think it's Read More
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CIOs still don't get open source

Posted by admin 7 days ago General — This morning, Forrester analyst Lauren Nelson dropped a bombshell: “41 percent of enterprise decision makers say that increasing use of open source is a high or critical priority for 2016.”In other news, those same decision makers report that they breathe air.[ The InfoWorld review: Ubuntu 16.04, a desktop for Linux diehards. | See what hardware, software, development tools, and cloud services c Read More
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GNU compilers learn new C++, parallelism tricks

Posted by admin 7 days ago General — The GNU Compiler Collection will be refreshed with updated C++ standards compliance and improvements in parallelism and diagnostics.Described as a "major" release, GCC 6.1 leverages the C++ 14 standard, which was approved in 2014. "The C++ front end now defaults to the C++ 14 standard, instead of C++98, [which] it has been defaulting to previously," said Jakub Jelinek, a Red Hat consulting engin Read More
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Systemd and Upstart Services

Posted by admin 9 days ago General — Most Linux servers that I use are either Debian based or Red Hat based.A common task is adding daemon services. Read More
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