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Android Academy Certified Developer

Posted by External 344 days ago General — Well - how about that! We've been working on something a little special for some time now, and today's the day we're proud to announce our new baby - the AACD programme. In collaboration with SteelyEye Digital Media, we're announcing the Android industrys first Accreditation scheme - the Android Academy Certified Developer programme. This is in the form of an online exam which has been Read More
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CozyBot - Cool desktop phone holder every Android fan will love!

Posted by External 344 days ago General — Early in 2012 a mysterious object appeared on the lawns outside OTAMate's HQ. What did it mean? Were the Mayans right and this was some kind of 2001-style omen? Nope - it was CozyBot! Designed by OTAMate and sold through our very own shop, this is the cool desktop phone holder every Android fan will love! When news of his arrival broke on Linked In there were so many hits to the site the servers Read More
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Toys R Us launch $150 Android tablet for kids

Posted by External 361 days ago General — Toys R Us have announced their Tabeo 7-inch tablet, which promises child-safe features for $150. Surrounded by a huge drop-safe bumper, there's a front facing camera, WiFi and Toys R Us even run their own app store, the "Tabeo Store", to complement the 50 proloaded games and apps it comes preloaded with. Powered by a 1Ghz CPU, theres a decent amount of storage provided - 4Gb - but it also comes w Read More
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Droid World track comes to Apps World

Posted by External 361 days ago General — All eyes in the mobile industry turn to Earls Court, London again this year as Apps World promises to be bigger and better than ever for its 3rd annual outing on 2nd/3rd October. Whilst covering all the major platforms, Android fans are promised a special treat with the launch of the Droid World track. This is a free to attend, 2 day workshop where leading Android developers, authors, technical e Read More
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Droidcon comes to London!

Posted by External 361 days ago General — Droidcon London is back, the largest Android conference in Europe! Droidcon returns to London on October 25th & 26th for its fourth consecutive year! 1000+ talented developers and designers! And this year's Droidcon is a celebration of the 5 years of Android and a glimpse in the future of the platform! No worry we won't have any futurists - that's not what Droidcon is about!  3 great key Read More
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The Android Message Queue

Posted by admin 361 days ago General — At their heart, computers are pretty simple beasts: they only do what you tell them to. Sometimes though, it looks like they are responding to events being fired from all directions at once. Well, thats because they've been told how to deal with those "random" events by interrupting the current flow. In Android a mechanism for this is called the Message Handling System. It's a way of writing soft Read More
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Threading with Android - part 3

Posted by admin 361 days ago General — We'll again build on the work in the previous threading tutorials but this time make the application more real world by splitting the threads off into their own classes. We do this to make them more manageable, and we'll add another background thread to make the planets spin around behind all the counters.   Read More
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TwitterWidget: How to write an Android widget which tweets

Posted by admin 361 days ago General — One of the coolest things about Android is the use of Widgets - the small "mini-apps" you add to your homescreen to get immediate information and functionality, often without even having to launch an app. Think of the weather ones, the fancy clocks, the stock price reporters or the RSS news feeds for example - they all update their displays without the user doing anything. There's clearly some ma Read More
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