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31% off Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive - Deal Post

Posted by admin 1 day 20 hours ago General — The Backup Plus Ultra Slim Portable Drive is one of Seagate's thinnest and most eye-catching portable hard drives. Available in stunning gold and platinum colors- style meets storage- and easily slips into your backpack along with your other essentials. At 9.6mm thin, capacity is not sacrificed with 1TB and 2TB options-bring your most important files and head out the door. Back up and manage you Read More
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Gradle build sharing comes out of the cradle

Posted by admin 2 days ago General — Gradle, the popular build automation system perhaps best known for its use in Android mobile app development, is set to formally add distributed cache capabilities later this year, for deploying shared builds."With a distributed cache, builds are no longer isolated; the output of a build can be shared among developers," said Hans Dockter, who developed Gradle and is CEO of Gradle Inc. "That's a Read More
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50% off Sennheiser PC 363D High Performance Surround Sound Gaming Headset - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 2 days ago General — Combining Sennheiser headphone and microphone engineering with Dolby Laboratory 7.1 surround sound techhologies takes gaming to another dimension. Sennheiser's technology angles the drivers in the ear cups channeling the sound directly into your ears. This improves sonic detail, definition and dynamics. Dolby's 7.1 technology comes via a USB sound card providing headphone control and remarkable Read More
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24% off Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones - Apple devices, Power Red - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 3 days ago General — Bose Sound Sport in-ear headphones deliver deep, clear sound for the music you love, with a durable design that stands up to the rigors of your day. Exclusive TriPort technology provides crisp highs and natural-sounding lows, while acoustic ports are positioned to resist sweat and weather, and hydrophobic cloth keeps moisture out. Proprietary Stay Hear tips conform to your ears' shape, so they s Read More
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Android Studio for beginners, Part 2: Explore and code the app

Posted by admin 4 days ago General — In Part 1 of this beginner's introduction to Android Studio, you set up Android Studio in your development environment and got to know the project workspace. Now in Part 2 you'll code your first app. The animated mobile app consists of a single activity, which presents Google's Android robot character and a button for animating the character. Clicking the button causes the character to gradually Read More
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Android Studio for beginners, Part 3: Build and run the app

Posted by admin 4 days ago General — In Part 2 you created your first animated mobile app using Android Studio. Now in Part 3 you'll conclude your introduction to mobile application development with Android Studio. First, you'll use Gradle, an open source build automation tool, to build the app's application package (APK) file. Then you'll get instructions to set up and run the app on an Android device emulator or a Kindle Fire HD Read More
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25% off NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender, Essentials Edition - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 5 days ago General — Convenient, discreet and easy to install, extended Wi-Fi coverage is just an outlet away with the NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Extender. Boost your Wi-Fi for mobile devices and connect a wired device such as Smart TVs or game consoles. Boost your existing network range & speed, delivering Wi-Fi up to 300Mbps. External antennas provide better Wi-Fi coverage and higher speed, while the convenient wall-p Read More
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Java EE 8 set to slip, while Java SE could move up

Posted by admin 9 days ago General — To no one's surprise, troubled Java Enterprise Edition (EE) 8 is likely to miss its target release date of the first half of next year, minutes of a recent Java Community Process (JCP) meeting reveal. But on the bright side, editions of Java Standard Edition (SE) might now happen every year as opposed to every three years or so.During the Aug. 9 meeting, held via teleconference, Oracle's Anil Ga Read More
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50% off Vimtag VT-361 Pan&Tilt HD WiFi Video Security Camera with Night Vision - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 9 days ago General — This full-featured camera broadcasts over wifi, allowing you to view live from multiple mobile devices at once. Its footage records to micro SD where it is stored and accessible remotely as well. Remote pan/tilt/zoom, 2-way voice, motion-detection alert, and night vision capabilities are all onboard. This model averages 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 4,100 people (read reviews). Amazon ind Read More
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53% off J5 Tactical V1-Pro Ultra Bright 3 Mode Flashlight - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 10 days ago General — Heavy duty, compact and tough as nails. Perhaps the last flashlight you'll ever need. That's how J5 Tactical describes their V1-Pro. A super bright 300 lumens LED produces an intense beam of light up to 600 feet with high, low and strobe modes. It can take a beating, is weather resistant, and works for hours on a single AA battery. With nearly 6,000 reviews on Amazon, it averages 4.5 out of 5 st Read More
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Save the whale: Docker rightfully shuns standardization

Posted by admin 11 days ago General — You can be forgiven for thinking Docker cares about standardization.A little more than a year ago Docker donated "its software container format and its runtime, as well as the associated specifications," to the Open Container Project to be housed under the Linux Foundation. In the FAQ, the Linux Foundation stressed, "Docker has taken the entire contents of the libcontainer project, including nsi Read More
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